Nacogdoches’s Premier I-69 Corridor Location

Map of the I69 Corridor in East Texas
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Nacogdoches is located 140 miles from the Port of Houston and is less than 3 hours from the major Dallas-Ft Worth metropolitan area. The Nacogdoches opportunity zone is also located along 20 miles of I-69 corridor.

Nacogdoches has identified several targeted sectors of industry that our small city specializes in and at the top of the list is manufacturing. Nacogdoches with over 20 miles of I-69 Corridor located in our Opportunity Zone is the perfect host for manufacturing plants. The labor force is diverse, ranging from eager high-school graduates to skilled alumni from Stephen F. Austin State University. Several manufacturers have found great success in Nacogdoches. Endura Products, Elliott Electric, Texas Farm Products, Bright Coop, Southern Power and NIBCO, Inc are amongst the myriad of success stories. Our goal is to highlight Nacogdoches as a Texas Opportunity Zone that is ripe for investment to expand local manufactures and also bring in new manufactures to our community. National Opportunity Fund managers, Texas Opportunity Fund managers and also individual QOF investors are encouraged to contact us to learn more.