Mast Motorsports

Company Profile

Mast Motorsports was established in 2008 as an engineering company to support the automotive performance aftermarket. It quickly grew to become one of the most followed and respected aftermarket automotive engine and component manufacturers in the world. Mast Motorsports has established a significant social presence for its products on Instagram with over 40,000 followers. 

Business Opportunity

Mast Motorsports manufacturing capacity and capital resources have not kept pace with their sales volumes. Currently, the company is only able to fulfill 70% of orders due to their shortage of resources and  production under-capacity leading to significant business inefficiencies. Additionally, sales have intentionally been depressed by the company as it pursues options for expansion of its in-house manufacturing capabilities. Mast Motorsports sales growth requires them to significantly expand and streamline their manufacturing capacity in order to keep up with sales volumes.

Fund Opportunity

Mast Motorsports is seeking capital resources to build an additional building at their headquarters on I69 in Nacogdoches Texas. This building addition will increase Mast Motorsports available inventory space for automotive engine components. With available capital Mast Motorsports will also invest in additional CNC machines and equipment which will allow the company to increase its production capacity to meet both current demand and capture available growth.

For more information please contact:
Larissa Philpot
Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation
Office: 936-559-1255