Mast Powertrain

Company Profile

Mast Powertrain is an engineering and development startup that has developed Intellectual Property in commercial vehicle powertrain, drivetrain and chassis sectors.  The company is private and their IP is wholly owned by company founder Horace Mast.

Business Opportunity

Mast Powertrain has already established strong relationships with larger public companies by licensing its IP for commercialization in the powertrain, drivetrain, and chassis markets. They continue to invest in their IP to maximize its value in the transportation sector, including optimizing the technology for the durability requirements in the growing markets of autonomous vehicles and last mile delivery. 

Fund Opportunity

Mast Powertrain has developed a next-generation vehicle stripped chassis that integrates both combustion engine powertrains and fully electric powertrains that is custom tailored to last mile and autonomous vehicles. They have developed their technology for these markets quietly in East Texas. Technology that is equivalent in value and quality to high profile companies found in Silicon Valley and other high tech hubs across the globe. Mast Powertrain seeks capital to market their technology globally in order to establish additional partners to commercialize their IP on the large scale required in the automotive business. They will also investigate opportunities to produce their own IP for the North American market by establishing the necessary facilities on their 17 acres of highway frontage property located on I69 corridor.  

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